• Brand Design Objective


    There is nothing like Local brand anymore. With the proliferation of Modern Retail  & E Retailing in India, even Local is now available everywhere. Baker Street was born as a local brand but with big ambitions. The objective of brand design  was to change the image of the brand to become more modern, premium & of superior quality.

  • Brand Design Expected

    A relatively new category for branded players. Mostly such products are sold via unorganized retail or bakery shops which have limited reach. The challenge for us was to develop a cohesive architecture, design the packaging & demonstrate the product shot s in a delectable manner, for the entire range of 30 products  and various SKUs. Establish a strong umbrella branding for Baker Street for early adoption and long term brand stickiness. 

  • Brand Design Expressed

    The brand design has been received very well by the customers and trade both. The architecture has been inspired by the cookies jar shape which allows for strong branding & visual treat. Every variant has a strong presence on the pack enabling customers to choose & delve into the delicious baked products. Minimalist in design, it lends a very international feel to the brand packaging presentation.