• Brand Design Objective

    The market of VMS – Vitamin & Mineral Supplements is growing really fast in India. Becosules is a heritage brand & enjoys immense loyalty within medical fraternity as a vitamin supplement. Based on research & market evaluation it was decided to extend the franchise of Becosules by introducing Mutli Vitamin & Multi Mineral Supplements. With each extension targeted at a distinct consumer profile. 

  • Brand Design Expected

    Becosules being a single product brand for many years was on the verge of an evolution. With a range of products coming shortly the challenge was to define a visual architecture and visual vocabulary for each extension keeping a cohesive look for the range. Colors like orange and black were carrying huge design equity with Becosules and had to be used in the new extensions.

  • Brand Design Expressed

    Becosules Performance is meant for the active, go getter who does not like to give up or fall back in his day to day life. From a single vitamin to 41 Micro Nutrients was a big story plus that the supplement had Stress Adaptogens was the reason to buy. The brand design uses Gold metallic color with some design sections being embossed & Spot UV. The packaging uses a silhouette of a running man that emphasizes the Performance index of the brand – progressive, confidence & achiever. Very well accepted and appreciated by the medical fraternity and pharmacists.