• Brand Design Objective

    Incense Sticks under Precious  brand by HEM are highly popular amongst Indian households. Majority of Precious sales come from Traditional / Unorganized retail.  With Modern Retail demanding more brands/SKUs it was decided to introduce a different brand instead of cannibalizing the Precious sales. Brand Building in this category is very challenging as there is huge clutter. The new brand should be differentiated & appeal to the modern Indian housewife/households.

  • Brand Design Expected

    A brand design that evokes a sense of freshness, calmness & beauty. Freshness to enliven the mood,  calmness to bring harmony in life & beauty to admire the moments in life. A Modern approach to branding Incense products & appealing to an evolved audience.

  • Brand Design Expressed

    A name that connotes all three values – Madhur. The branding, architecture, visual vocabulary have been designed to bring strong differentiation, great shelf throw, product sensual appeal & modern outlook. The packaging canvas is very clean and minimal to enhance the pack design & fragrance imagery.