• Brand Design Objective

    : India is a big market for Incense sticks and dhoop, specially because of religious behaviors. But you will be surprised that exports contribute 70% of the business at HEM. & the demand seems to be increasing. With exports to 75 countries is enough testimony for the demand of good value products. However internationally people dont use it so much for religious encounters. The importers were demanding a new Made in India kind of fragrance with a stronger delivery for their markets    

  • Brand Design Expected

    The product would be Masala Incense sticks which have stronger perfume, deep & burn slowly for a longer period of time. The brand should be symbolic of Indian culture/heritage/customs/practices. People outside are really fascinated by India/ Indian happenings.  

  • Brand Design Expressed

    Mantra as the name suggests – has pure Indian vibes. Yoga/ Yogic culture in India is thousand years old & has a respectful place. Tantra & mantra have origins in India & are considered pure & pristine. The brand design was built around these elements bringing alive a very calm, warm & divine feeling. With textured paper and emboss effects the whole packaging had a very tempting look and was appreciated by the importers.