• Brand Design Objective

    Health is a growing concern these days thanks to our lifestyle irregularities & compromised food eating habits. Baked products have an advantage that they are not fried or cooked, but most of the baked products contain maida which is not good for health/ digestion. Baker Street introduced NUTRIBITE, a 100% Whole Wheat range of cookies that are healthy and great for digestion.

    The objective was to establish the Superior Ingredient & Superior Health quotient of baked cookies.

  • Brand Design Expected

    Demonstrating Bite into Nutritious Food/ Snacks for a healthy and happy life was the key challenge.

  • Brand Design Expressed

    Right from the Nutribite Identity to the packaging design of the range, every aspect has been infused with health and happiness. A cohesive brand architecture ties the range together & allows for clear and strong communication of the key brand differentiator.